emotional • supportive • encouragement • raw • tenderness • anticipation • happiness • discomfort • remarkable • sensitive • strength • love • awe

These words begin to describe the birth journey. If you’ve experienced the birth of a child, you can probably identify with each of those words. They may even conjure visual memories in your mind representing each stage of labor, birth and those first moments of meeting your child.

Perhaps the most obvious reason for bringing a camera into the labor and delivery room is to document the birth of the baby. This is the only time that this child will be born. There are no second chances. Who wouldn't want to hear the story about the day they were born? If you have the event documented with pictures, you can show them exactly what it was like on the day of their birth. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is to have a picture of the first time your baby laid on your chest. I promise you, if you have a picture of it, you won’t forget that moment.


The loving father should be in the photos as well, participating in welcoming his child and supporting the laboring mother. This is difficult to do with a camera in his hand. A birth photographer will allow him to immerse himself in the experience with undivided attention. It is easy for other attending family members to get caught up in the moment and forget the camera in their hands. A birth photographer’s primary directive is to focus on capturing the moments that would otherwise be missed or overlooked.

While a phone camera can take some basic photos, the quality of such shots cannot come close to the quality of what a professional can give you.. Hospital lighting is often poor and many home births have difficult low-lighting that a phone camera cannot adequately overcome. These are just some of the things a professional will know how to work with to ensure that you have beautiful, quality images to keep forever!

“It is so wonderful to be able to see a different perspective of your birth. I love to look at all the photos from my birth and see how things actually went. I was in my own little world and so it is beautiful to see that outsider perspective.”

The emotion and expression experienced during a birth is priceless! How amazing to be able to look back at the expression you had when you met your child for the first time and their expression when they met you. Birth is full of real emotion that you will likely never have the chance to get in other photo sessions. The smiles are real. The tears are real. The exhaustion is real. The love is real!

Now the big day has finally come. You've counted the contractions, left for the hospital, been monitored for hours and you are admitted for the birth of your baby. You labored, delivered and did an amazing job. Now you have this amazing baby resting on your chest. Think about these moments. What will you remember a year from now? Which memories will fade in 10 or 20 years?


Let’s figure out your reasons for having an experienced birth photographer!

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