Fresh 48

Those first two days to four days of the babies life seem so much like a blur. You want to remember those little gifts, visitors, first time the siblings meet the newest addition and maybe even babies first bath! The nurses name, the way the room looked and how tiny the new one looks in its bassinet. The tiny toes and button nose, the little details you know will change so quickly. The most important part of the Fresh 48; capturing that raw joy and love of becoming new parents! A session is more than just pictures. It is memories treasured for years to come.

TIPS for your session:

Notify the nursing staff that you will be doing a photo shoot for 45-60 minutes and to please keep interruptions to a minimum during this time.

The room doesn't need to be "clean" but tidy. (I can help when I get there!)

Be sure to schedule at a time that you can be ready. Don't worry about looking like a movie star the day after you give birth.

Make sure everyone has had something to eat. A full bully is a happy one.

Let me know if there is something specific you would like captured.