BLINK and they are fully grown. I sit here literally sighing just as I type because I can't tell you how fast time really does seem to pass you by. Where children are concerned there are so many (SOOO many) moments to capture. Milestones we will call them; That can be how ever many you want. Newborn, when they start to smile and coo, when they learn how to sit unsupported, a year for their wonderfully messy Cake Smash and Splash! Why does it have to slow there? 2-4 year old's, first day of Kindergarten, summers day eating watermelon, ALL the way to graduating – Really every moment can be turned into a memory captured.


Let's create something you want on your walls to remember just how it felt to be _____(fill in the blank)

TIPS for your session:

  • #1 most important tip - everyone be well rested. Eat something before and stay well hydrated.
  • Bring sentimental props from home that you would like captured during your session.
  • Wear or bring extra clothing.  Layering makes for different looks. (hats, scarves, jackets, boots, or any accessories help) 
  • Decide on a theme; dressy or traditional, casual or playful, vintage or edgy?
  • Keep it simple. No wild mix matched patterns, loud logos, or wrinkly clothes.
  • Taking breaks is okay, it can also allow me to capture those little moments.
  • BE YOURSELF, be funny, laugh, tell silly jokes and above all....
  • Have fun!