emotional • supportive • encouragement • raw • tenderness • anticipation • happiness • discomfort • remarkable • sensitive • strength • love • awe

These words begin to describe the birth journey. If you’ve experienced the birth of a child, you can probably identify with each of those words. They may even conjure visual memories in your mind representing each stage of labor, birth and those first moments of meeting your child. 

I won’t lie, the same adrenaline you feel when its time - I feel it too. Once that call comes in that says “we are ready”, I call my reliable mama to make the short 10 minute drive to be with my son, and I am off. Even before getting to your room... I’m already piecing together your birth story. The sun rising out of the skyline, the hospital’s entrance, directional signs to the laboring unit, even the room/laboring suite number you are in. But, there is so much more story to tell and everyone’s story is unique. What do you want documented? The birth of your baby only happens once, let’s capture those fleeting moments, one photo at a time.